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Our team of highly-trained, compassionate, and dedicated nurses are here to provide you with the highest quality of holistic care throughout your journey.

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Elevation Concierge Nursing understands that ones mental and emotional well-being is vital during delicate, vulnerable, and at times overwhelming life transitions. We believe that peace of mind is an essential component for a positive recovery and wellness experience.


What We Offer

Post-Operative Care


Elevation Concierge Nurses guide and support clients through their journey of recovery during the delicate times immediately after surgery. When the physical stress and mental fatigue caused by anesthesia and surgical pain  make it difficult to safely care for one-self, Elevation Concierge Nurses are here to be your one-on-one support and advocate.


Holistic Care

Elevation Concierge Nurses focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing. We understand THE MIND strongly impacts one’s healing process. Peace of mind is a vital part in having a positive recovery experience. WE believe that healing can be richly heightened by incorporating holistic practices into your wellness care & recovery.

Motherhood Support


The journey to and through pregnancy requires the utmost support. From administering your in vitro fertilization (IVF) to providing you with wellness support during your pregnancy, our nurses are here to nurture you through your journey.


About Our Practice

We are a team of passionate, dedicated and experienced nurses who provides care for your mental, physical and emotional well-being.  Our practice serves the Sacramento, San Francisco, and Contra Costa areas, but exceptions can be made for an added fee. We are here to alleviate the stressors that are encountered during health challenges and life transitions.


We Can Help You With

Same-day Surgery

Medication Organization

IVF Injection

Expecting Mothers

Light Meal Preparation

Ongoing Assessments

Client Liaison

Energy Balance

"Ra’shida helped me on several occasions during my third trimester pregnancy when my partner was out of town for work. I was pretty much isolated on bed rest with many exhausting pregnancy related symptoms.

She came and took my vitals, did guided meditation, prepared me light meals and even followed up with my mid wife regarding some concerns I was having.

I felt safe with her especially since she is a nurse and personally understands what it is like to be high risk herself. I recommend Elevation nurses to any pregnant woman needing a helping hand from a licensed health care professional."


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