Our Services

Each service we offer will be provided to you by actively licensed nurses who practice the highest quality of care. A free 30-minute consultation will be provided for Post-Operative Care, IVF Injections, and Expecting Mother Support packages.

We will transport you from your surgery to your preferred recovery location and provide care through continual post-operative assessment.

We will travel to your location and administer your injection at the designated time, relieving you of the worries of injecting yourself.

For expecting moms experiencing overwhelming pregnancy symptoms or who are high risk and may be on best rest, we can help assess and support your physical and emotional well being.

Reiki is a Japanese technique in which a practitioner transfers universal life force energy to a recipient with the goal of achieving harmony of the mind and body. This life force removes energy blockages that disrupt inner balance. The healing is provided distantly or in-person.

Crystal healing is a therapy used with gemstones to bring synergy to one’s mind and body by strategically placing the stones around the client’s chakras. Each stone encompasses a specific energy to help clear out any energy blockages.

Aromatherapy is a healing technique that uses aromatics to aid in alleviating issues such as nausea, anxiety, stress and insomnia.