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We strive to help holistic practices become an integral  part of the healthcare culture.


We value integrity, happiness, inner peace and harmony of the body and mind.


Our vision is to strengthen a culture that fosters an elevated mind, body, and spirit as unified parts making up a whole. 

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We are a team of passionate, dedicated and experienced nurses who provides care for your mental, physical and emotional well-being.  Our practice serves the Sacramento, San Francisco, and Contra Costa areas, but exceptions can be made for an added fee. We are here to alleviate the stressors that are encountered during health challenges and life transitions.

Cierra and Ra’shida’s story began when they met by chance at a park while walking their sons, and they immediately became fast friends. But it wasn’t just the common interests and their nursing careers that brought these two women closer together,  it was the common medical experiences they both encountered during their high-risk pregnancies. 

Over time, these ladies began to realize they could make stressful health recovery experiences for others better. They know what steps are necessary to ease the stress on someone facing a challenging time. They know what it takes to elevate the lives of the people around them.


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Cierra & Ra'shida

Meet Cierra Johny


Meet Cierra Johny


Cierra Johny is the co-founder of Elevation Concierge Nursing. Cierra credits the start of her nursing career to her junior year of high school, when she obtained her assistant nursing certification. She then received her nursing degree from Florida Hospital College and later obtained her MBA with an emphasis in healthcare from Western Governors University.

Cierra has over 10 years of nursing experience in six states. Her work includes teaching basic life support, clinical consulting and group home medication management. She worked in many different acute care settings including the progressive care unit, neuro-stroke, emergency room holding, orthopedics, medical-surgical, same day postoperative care and cardiac care.

Meet Ra’shida Petrovich


Meet Ra’shida Petrovich


Ra’shida Petrovich, is the co-founder of Elevation Concierge Nursing.  She received her Masters in Science from the University of California at San Francisco in 2011 with an emphasis in acute care. She has since been a nephrology Nurse Practitioner for over 10 years managing care for chronic kidney disease, acute kidney failure and dialysis patients. She has also worked for over 13 years as a registered nurse in orthopedic surgical care, general surgery, oncology, medical-surgical and specialized in kidney, liver and pancreas transplant. 

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