All of our providers are actively licensed nurses who have passed back grounds checks. Rest assured you will be cared for by a health care professional.

Not at this time. Debit and credit card payments only.

We check your vital signs, assess your wound and/or dressing, empty and measure your drain output and communicate with your doctor with any concerns. We perform the same tasks we
are licensed to perform in the hospital in your area of recovery.

Reviewing your discharge orders with your doctor, transporting you safely and getting you comfortably settled in your recovery location is not a quick task and should not be rushed. An Elevation package is available for the minimum time deemed necessary to safely and thoroughly start you on your recovery journey.

We take your discretion and privacy very seriously. Our website, intake forms, email accounts, phone service, charting system are all HIPAA compliment.  Particular hotels we are affiliated with have allowed us to assess the layout of rooms to determine entrances that best serve you and your privacy. We also have vehicles available with light tented windows for your transport from your surgery.

We serve the Sacramento and Bay Area in California. Traveling outside that area can be arranged upon request and with added fees.

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