Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine practice which involves using the energy of gemstones to revitalize both the mind and body.

What Is Crystal Healing?

A holistic and non-invasive approach to therapy, crystal healing intends to cleanse the  body’s energy centers through high vibrational gemstones. 

To receive this healing, you lie on your back while the practitioner places crystals on each of your major energy centers, also known as chakras. Every stone is uniquely chosen based on your individual needs. 

Each crystal resonates at a certain vibrational frequency that you are able to connect with. As the crystal touches your skin, it activates the body’s natural healing processes.

Depending on your personal treatment plan, a variety of crystals may be used to aid you in your healing journey, which may include:


• Rose Quartz – Connects to the Heart Chakra. Releases past emotional trauma and encourages you to be more Self-Loving. 

• Red Jasper – Connects to the Root Chakra. Aids in strengthening bones and ignites a sense of grounding. 

• Amethyst – Connects to the Crown Chakra. Opens you to the essence of Universal Being and serves as protection against negative forces.

•Clear Quartz – Connects all Chakras. Known as the ultimate healer, clear quartz amplifies and realigns your energy centers. Deepens your spiritual growth and awakens you to your inner purpose.


What Are The Benefits Of Crystal Healing?

Receiving crystal healing can lead to profound benefits for your mind and body, and has been shown to: 

• Promote Relaxation

• Purify Mind And Body

• Bring A Sense of Balance

• Improve Sleep

• Lower Anxiety

• Release Emotional Trauma

There are well over a hundred commonly used gemstones, and each one has unique healing benefits. We work with you to create the perfect combination of crystals suited for your needs.

As practitioners, it brings us great joy to guide you throughout your journey to true tranquility. 


Is Crystal Healing Right For Me?

This form of healing implements a holistic approach, meaning it recognizes the intimate interconnections of being and works to cleanse all layers: the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Crystal healing can compliment other medical and therapeutic treatments, and may increase the efficacy of your overall self-care plan. 

Whether you are in good health, or recovering from a chronic condition, you can experience the full healing benefits of this transformative therapy.


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