What To Expect From In Vitro Fertilization

IVF (in vitro fertilization) can be an uncertain and intimidating concept for women seeking pregnancy to consider. To help boost your confidence, Elevation Concierge Nursing offers you access to a team of dedicated nurses who are here to help alleviate your worries and ease your concerns. We provide you with reliable information and can even administer the IVF injection for you.

How Do IVF Injections Work?

In vitro fertilization is a widely used and well understood type of assisted reproductive technology. IVF involves both procedures and medications to successfully fertilize your egg and implant it into the uterus.

To begin, medication is administered which causes several eggs to mature to the point where they are ready to be fertilized. Once ready, the eggs are taken out of the body and mixed with sperm in proper lab conditions.

The fertilized eggs, now called embryos, are then injected into the uterus so that they are able to implant into the uterine lining. Once this occurs, pregnancy is achieved.

For some people pregnancy can happen during the first round of IVF, but many women require multiple treatments over the course of several months.


Is IVF The Right Choice For Me?

There are a variety of conditions that cause certain women to experience difficulties while trying to get pregnant. Fortunately,  IVF can be an effective treatment for those dealing with most types of infertility.

One common cause of infertility is damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. The good news about IVF is that it completely bypasses the fallopian tubes. This provides these women with an increased likelihood of conception.

Endometriosis is another common condition that can cause complications for women trying to get pregnant. Those suffering from endometrial scarring may also find IVF to be a useful treatment.

Almost half of all infertility cases have nothing to do with the woman at all. If you or your partner are dealing with a low sperm count or decreased sperm motility, then the nature of  IVF can help alleviate these concerns as well.


Do IVF Injections Cause Any Side Effects?

Like most medical procedures, IVF Injections do have some potential side effects. These may include:

• Cramping

• Bloating

• Mood Swings

• Headaches

• Allergic Reactions

• Bleeding

• Breast Tenderness

• Bruising


We encourage you to talk with your doctor about any further safety concerns you may have. Undergoing IVF treatment can also be emotionally stressful at times, so we also recommend consulting with a therapist or counselor.


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IVF treatment involves a serious decision that can be anxiety-ridden and intimidating. Our team of nurses are here to help calm your nerves and worries.

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